God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness

  • Genre: Drama
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2018


God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness follows Reverend Dave as he is released from prison to a flurry of controversy. The growing social unrest leads to Dave’s church being burned down, taking with it the life of his closest friend.

Devastated, Dave is launched on a painful spiritual journey as he fights against the University trying to keep him from rebuilding his church, and as his belief that “God is good all the time” is put to the test.


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  • David A.R. White - God’s Not Dead, Do You Believe?, Revelation Road, Faith of Our Fathers, God’s Not Dead 2
  • Shane Harper - God’s Not Dead, My Name is Khan, Flipped
  • Ted McGinley - Do you Believe?, Pearl Harbor, Wayne's World 2, Revenge of the Nerds
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