Welcom to Mercy

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2018


From the producer of THE OTHERS and SCREAM….

When an American single mother returns to Latvia for the first time in 25 years to say goodbye to her dying father, she is soon afflicted with visions and wounds that appear to be signs of the gift of Holy Stigmata. But after she is transported to an isolated island convent to seek the help of a mysterious religious order, Madeline discovers her affliction may not be a gift from God but something far more sinister.

This international Thriller, introduces a never before seen thriller concept while implementing a strong theological based storyline about forgiveness, faith, and redemption.


  • Kristen Ruhlin - Descent, The Girl in the Park, Dough Boys, She Wants Me, Missing Child
  • Eileen Davies - The Theory of Everything, Vera Drake, Another Year, Bright Star, Mr. Turner, Mr. Holmes, Prevenge
  • Lily Newmark - Solo: A Star Wars Story, Pin Cushion, Dagenham, Born a King
  • Toms Liepajnieks - The Berlin File, Dügün Dernek, Exiled, Viking
  • Dainis Grube - Dream Team 1935, Firstborn, The Pagan King