Mood Swings

  • Completed | Comedy | 8 x 25


Four generations of women & an 8 year old, thrown together by circumstance, to live under one roof and struggle to help each other survive in the city of angels.

Episode Breakdown

  1. 1. The Emancipation of Farrah: Freshly-divorced and freshly broke, Farrah has to choose between living with her controlling ex or controlling mother or rolling the dice by taking in roommates, AKA the devils she doesn’t know.
  2. 2. If at first you don’t succeed…: While the ladies of “Malibu Manor” conspire to find a well-to-do man for wannabe trophy wife Coco, Farrah and her limited skill set to look for a job.
  3. 3. A WANDA-FULL WEEKEND : Farrah’s larger than life mother “Hurricane Wanda” blows in for a visit; how long before she alienates everyone in the house?
  4. 4. PTA?!: When Farrah tries to become a hands-on mom at Ryder’s school, she succeeds! Succeeds at making an enemy out of the PTA’s most powerful parent, that is!
  5. 5. IT’S JUST A MEETING : Farrah agrees to get together with a dad from school. Is it a meeting? Is it a date? Is it a disaster? (Spoiler, it’s all of the above.)
  6. 6. FARRAH’S DAY OFF : Farrah farms out Ryder on his first sleepover and plans to spend 24 hours in blissful solitude. Her roomies, however, apparently didn’t get the memo.
  7. 7. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING : Chaos at Malibu Manor: Farrah is stunned when ex-hubby Jonathan starts being helpful to everyone, Coco meets her match but not in a good way, and Dani’s night to remember becomes a night to forget.
  8. 8. CROSSROADS: Just as Mark is ready to tell Farrah how he feels, Jonathan scores major points with Ryder who hopes his parents will reconcile… and Farrah isn’t sure it’s a bad idea. But she isn’t sure it’s a good idea either.


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