The Encounter Season 2

  • Completed | Thriller/Suspense | 10 x 48


A Group of strangers find themselves brought together for an unknown reason in this mystery thriller in the style of the ‘Twilight Zone’.

Episode Breakdown

  1. The Gift: 45min - A frustrated stay-at-home mom wishes for the exciting life she never had, but when she gets exactly what she wished for, THE MAN helps her realize it may not be as great as it seems.
  2. Best Worst: 42min - After a woman is left at the alter, she encounters THE MAN, who helps her reevaluate if this is the worst day of her life—or the best.
  3. The Answer: 44min - The Man helps a high school student realize that there's more than one answer to her prayers.
  4. The Delivery: 42min - A rush to the delivery room forces young parents-to-be to choose between two rideshare drivers with very different agendas.
  5. Numbered: 43min - In an age reduced to ones and zeroes, ambitious CEO Bella Sharp discovers that her days have indeed been numbered…and time is running out.
  6. Crosshairs: An Army sniper, gravely wounded in battle, has given up all hope until he meets a shepherd who guides him on a journey of spiritual renewal through enemy-occupied territory.
  7. Homeward Bound: 38min - At the funeral service for their young daughter, a couple encounter two mysterious “men” who have two vastly different explanations for their tragedy.
  8. The Void : 44min - Astronaut Sarah Hughes faces a life-threatening situation aboard the International Space Station… but she’s not alone.


  • BRUCE MARCHIANO - Overcomer, Grace and Gravity, Revelation Road, Revelation Road 2, Come Follow Me, For Love’s Sake
  • ROBERT RODENBACH - American Dreams, The Food That Built America, The Wanderer, Edison’s Diorama, What Would You Do?
  • ASHLEY BRATCHER - Unplanned, 90 Minutes in Heaven, A Walk With Grace, Vindication, Extraordinary, War Room
  • JEREMY CARR - Calm Before, Dark Resonance, Born River Bye, Thunder, One Church, Odyssey: A Star Wars Story, The Vampire Diaries
  • MARILYN MARIE DABNEY - No Redemption, Careful What You Wish For
  • KATE DAILEY - Your Worst Nightmare, Homicide Hunter, Smokeshop & The Queen of Doomdom, The Lyons Den
  • AUDREY FAFARD - Solitary Confinement, Trading Paint, Panic, Creating Karma, Conviction
  • LETICIA ROBLES - Dancer and the Dame, Me Again, Revelation Road 1, Revelation Road 2, Hilton Head Island, Meant to Be
  • MICHELE GOMEZ - Me Again, Marriage Retreat, Malibu Dan The Family Man, Trust No 1, Shang, The Middle, Anger Management
  • SHARI RIGBY - October Baby, Malibu Dan The Family Man, Wildflower, Extraordinary, Overcomer, The Summers Sister, The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story
  • CAROLINE CARTER - Personal Injury Court, Murder Chose Me, NAPA AutoCare Atlanta: Grandpa, Sevendust: Unforgiven, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie: Look Back at It
  • CARL TURNER - Hilton Head Island, People Magazine Investigates, The Book of Esther, Norman Jones, Watt Feat. Post Malone: Burning Man
  • MACKENZIE HART - Sweet Harts, The Santa Con, Tying The Knot: The Wedding of Melissa Joan Hart
  • HUNTER BILLS - Hidden Orchard Mysteries: The Case of the Air B and B Robbery, The Little Chef, Hashtag
  • KANDIS ALAYNE BOONE - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda, Summer of ’67, Wishes
  • KARLISHA HURLEY - Into the Dark, Sister Mercy, How to Identify a Serial Killer, Sweet Dreams, Hostages: Don’t Take Another Step
  • TALLEY LAFLAMME - Snapped: Killer Couples, Snapped, Murder by Numbers, Zero, In God’s Image, Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
  • SAM ALDRIDGE - Introducing
  • D.C. DOUGLAS - Wizard School Dropout, The Tom and Jerry Show, Breaking News: Fake Trump Cartoons!, Transformers: Rescue Bots
  • WILHELMENIA FORD - We Three Witches, Speed Dating, A Walk Through the Ashes, Always Live Laugh Love, The Lost Digit
  • JARED LOTZ - Unplanned, Thanksgiving! The Musical, Of Little Convenience, Thoughts and Prayers
  • EMMA ELLE ROBERTS - Unplanned, Justin and Angela, I’m Not Ashamed, Vindication, Dead Silent, Tiger Lily
  • BROOKE BECKER - The Chair That Killed Faye, Mohawk, The Mad Whale, The Call
  • GINA SIMS - A Woman’s Gift, The Green House, The Chair That Killed Faye
  • BRADLEY DORSEY - God’s Not Dead, A Greater Yes: The Story of Amy Newhouse, Christmas Angel, Meant to Be, Me Again
  • TY ANAYA - Charlie Grave, The Mission, Cassidy Red, Legends & Lies, Hot Bath an’a Stiff Drink
  • CRYSTAL JASMINE - Rey, 65th, The Waiting Room, Boss, VaVaVoom, Oakland’s Squad
  • STEPHEN GREEN - Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda, Fatal Attraction, Snapped: Killer Couples, The Night Before, Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland
  • JOHN WILKINS III - Welcome, Madhouse Mecca, Art Show Bingo, Burning Sands, By the Grace of Bob, Pretty Bad Girls
  • JOSH TIPIS - Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Christmas Spirit, Jacob’s Ladder, Manhunt, The Tank, Sleepy Hollow
  • OMAR LAGUDALI - American Made, I’m Not Ashamed, Vacation, Mission Improbable, The Senator’s Wife, Season of Mysteries, A Beautiful Life
  • CHOZY RANI AIYUB - Asking for It, Christmas Belles, Should I do It?, The Run Saga: Breathe, In The Shadow of a Hero
  • VINCENT DE PAUL - Poseidon, Beverly Hills Christmas, Silver Case: Director’s Cut, G-Force, NCIS: Los Angeles, Moonlight, The Ticket
  • KASS CONNERS - Revelation Road 2, The Book of Esther, Stiletto, Killer Me, The Moment After 2, Me Again, Behind the Candelabra
  • KERRY LYNNE MCHUGH - Wish Man, Criminal Minds, Lucky’s Treasure, Malibu Dan: The Family Man, Hilton Head Island, Finding Sky
  • ROBIN MILLER - Malibu Dan The Family Man, Hilton Head Island, A Scholar’s Journey, Me Again, Watt Feat Post Malone Burning Man
  • SASHONE LAMBERT-SHORT - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Again, Butter-Fly, The Rhythm in Blue, Judy’s Child, Hell Fire, All We Got
  • ALICIA ZIGLER - The Ex Next Door, Hide and Go Seek, Deadly, Revenge, CSI: NY, Rise of the Dinosaurs, Lake Placid 2
  • LAURA HUNT - The High Schoolers Guide to College Parties, Going Home
  • HILLARD JOSHUA MEEKS - Go for Broke, Tossed Asside, Breathe Slow Steady Squeeze, Triple Frontier
  • DAVID DEKAY - Introducing