The Encounter

  • Completed | Thriller/Suspense | 8 x 30


A group of strangers find themselves brought together for an unknown reason in this mystery thriller in the style of the ‘Twilight Zone’.


Season 2 Coming Soon

Episode Breakdown

  1. Her Final Role (Pilot): An aging movie star (Morgan Fairchild) facing the end of her career recalls her storied life to the only man who will really listen – her gardener (Bruce Marchiano as “The Man”).
  2. U-Turn: After an argument with her mother, a successful urbanite (Anna Zielinski) cannot escape her tiny hometown. A mysterious highway construction worker (The Man) may be the only one who knows how she can move forward.
  3. Heist: A desperate pair of brothers (Carlos Peña-Vega and Hutch Dano). A convenience store heist gone wrong. Can the Man, appearing as the store’s cashier, save the day from disaster?
  4. Just Believe: The pessimism of a burned-out ER doctor (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) is challenged when a mysterious doctor (The Man) brings his teenaged patient back from death
  5. Vows: An eloping young couple on the run take refuge in a bar & grille where The Man, as their waiter, tests their certainty about the future.
  6. Disconnected: A device-obsessed suburban family finds out just how disconnected they are when a blackout hits their house. Will a mysterious power company worker (The Man) be able to reconnect them?
  7. For Better, For Worse: A married couple (Brian and Morgan Bosworth) on the edge of divorce. A young girl stuck in the middle of their custody battle. The Man is their last hope for coming back together.
  8. Maximum Mike: A harsh trial judge (Michael Ironside) finds the tables turned on him when The Man appears in his court to advocate for the defendant.


  • Bruce Marchiano - The Visual Bible: Acts, Final Solution, The Encounter, The Lion Of Judah
  • Morgan Fairchild - Holy Man, Bonnie and Clyde, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult
  • Brian Bosworth - The Longest Yard, Three Kings, Do You Believe?
  • Kevin Downes - Senseless, Moms’ Night out, Woodlawn, Courageous
  • Andrea Logan White - Moms’ Night out, Do You Believe?