Pinnacle Peak Pictures is a Production and Theatrical Distribution company who deals in family, inspirational, and faith-based content.


Russel Wolfe


Movie/Commercial producer with over 20 years of senior level management experience as President/CEO of companies specializing in marketing, media, event production, and distribution.


David A.R. White


Producer, script development, casting, acquisitions, writer and successful actor in movies for over 25 years.


Michael Scott


Commercial/movie producer of over 25 films and hundreds of television commercials, as well as the hit series “Travel the Road” that is currently entering its 5th season.


Ron Gell

VP International Sales

Ron Gell has licensed worldwide rights to highly-competitive feature films on the festival circuit for theatrical distribution in the U.S. and international markets as well as hundreds of hours of TV programming for FTV, PTV, SVOD, OTT, all digital, video and mobile platforms including libraries, TV series, documentaries, sitcoms, soaps, telenovellas, sports, music, and short-form content.
Gell’s senior executive experience includes Sony, RKO Pictures, New Films International, Catalyst Productions and The G-Machin

Mission Statement

The mission of Pinnacle Peak Pictures is to establish ourselves as a full-service Production and Distribution company focusing on Theatrical Film and International TV & Video Distribution in the Family and Inspirational marketplace. It is our goal to tell stories that are not only entertaining and compelling, but to do so in a way that the whole family can enjoy.

Market Quotes

“Pinnacle Peak Pictures makes movies that uplift and inspire the human spirit which some would call a radical idea,”

-David A.R. White

“I’ve produced 25 or so movies, but this was a really interesting project. When I first heard about it I thought, “Wow, that’s got a great ring to it.”

–Michael Scott about ‘God Is Not Dead’

“Remember, God’s not dead, and He is good all the time.”

–Russell Wolfe

“Pinnacle Peak Pictures is poised to become a major supplier of both major independent theatrical motion pictures, as well as a significant supplier of family programming for international broadcasters and digital content platforms.”

–Ron Gell