The Book of Daniel

  • Genre: Drama
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2013


Taken into slavery after the fall of Jerusalem in 605 b.c., Daniel (Robert Miano) is forced to serve the most powerful king in the world, king Nebuchadnezzar. Faced with imminent death, Daniel proves himself a trusted advisor and is placed among the king’s wise men. Threatened by death at every turn, Daniel never ceases to serve the king, until he is forced to choose between serving the king and honoring his creator. With his life at stake, Daniel has nothing but his conviction to stand between him and the lion’s den.


  • Robert Miano - Donnie Brasco, Fast & Furious
  • Lance Henriksen - Aliens, The Terminator, Millenium
  • Alice Amter - The Good Girl, A Man Apart, Bad Boy
  • Russell Wolfe - God’s Not Dead