The Beverly’s

  • Completed | Comedy | 10 x 48


Can this small-town girl help these three orphans learn how to become the voice for this generation? It’ll take a whole lot of love, faith and divine intervention!

Episode Breakdown

  1. Meet the Beverly's: Jamie helps Tommy after he agrees to take in three orphans to save his career. The girls surprise musical talents give Tommy a great idea!
  2. The Beverly's' Big Shot: Tommy puts Jamie in charge of the girls to write their first single. Can Jamie stop the girls from arguing long enough to write a hit?
  3. The Beverly Runaway: Kyla and Ella talk about their birth parents, leaving Gabby feeling left out. Gabby decides to find out the truth about her birth parents.
  4. The Beverly homeschoolers: Jamie comes up with an idea to homeschool the girls. The girls are not thrilled but decide to give It a chance.
  5. The Beverly Photoshoot: The girls are selected to be on a popular show. Jamie & Ella feel pressure to be like everyone else and not be true to themselves.
  6. The Beverly's' New Label: The girls plan to trick Tommy into believing they are signing with a new label when he refuses to take their ideas seriously.
  7. The Beverly Switch: After being labeled a "tomboy" Kayla decides to leave her love for sports behind and allow Ella to transform her into being more girly.
  8. The Big Beverly Interview: The girls show tv host "Chance Everleigh" that although they are young they have a powerful message to share that even she needs to hear.


  • TOMMY BLAZE - God's not Dead, God's not Dead 2, Lucky's Treasure
  • JAMIE GRACE - Grace Unplugged, Next Level, Rachel's Pitch, The Dab Off
  • HERMAN ROSALES - American Princess, White Famous, Rosewood, The Great Break-Up Contest
  • RAYA SUNSHINE MULLAN - Introducing
  • MIA DAMICO - Introducing
  • BRIE DUPLECHAIN - Introducing