Hitting the Breaks

  • Completed | Comedy | 10 x 30


In the spirit of ‘Evening Shade’, ex-racecar driver inherits a struggling bed and breakfast in a small town full of local eccentrics governed by rules that continue to baffle him.

Episode Breakdown

  1. Small Beginnings (Pilot): The Wilcox family moves into their new home. After repeatedly hurting himself, Randy wonders if he’s made the right choice.
  2. Mitch Ado About Nothing: After Randy learns of a sizeable tax bill due on the hotel, his resolve is tested when he is tempted by his ex-agent, Mitch, to pose for a well paying cigarette ad.
  3. Pocket Full of Theodore: Randy and Charlie play host to Charlie’s judgmental parents when they arrive for a surprise visit. Things go awry when the townsfolk try to give the impression of a successful hotel by booking it out.
  4. Invitation to the Dunce: Randy has second thoughts when Delaney decides to go to her first church dance. Fearful neither he nor Delaney is ready for to cross that threshold, Randy allows himself to be talked into sabotaging the dance by cutting the electrical power to the town.
  5. Safe House: Charlie’s efforts to get back into the work place are complicated when Randy stores a guest’s valuables in a safe and forgets the combination.
  6. Home Alone On The Range: Randy is looking forward to spending a night alone doing “guy things” when his family and the crew leave for Denver, excited to see their favorite country star in concert. Everyone’s plans are changed when an unexpected storm rolls in and Randy finds himself catering to the needs of a stranded, late night check-in that he does not recognize as the country star.
  7. Pain In The Butler: Randy is put out when he discovers Charlie’s parents have sent her a birthday present in the form of their domestic help (Heaton & Hunt) to help out for two weeks, but spend most of their time bickering. Despite Randy’s dislike of the haughty couple, Randy helps the couple restore their marriage.
  8. Rob Roy: (Rob Schneider) After Randy folds under pressure to hire a Roy Orbison tribute performer (Schneider) he discovers the singer doesn’t actually perform any of Orbison’s hits, but rather old standards he can afford the performance rights to. Randy manages to convince the singer to perform his own compositions.
  9. Such a Dorcas: Randy is intimidated by good-looking intern at the hotel and joins Charlie’s Women’s Bible Study group to prove to her he is capable of sharing her interests and bond on an emotional level.
  10. Beautify Longdrop: Long Drop is having a beautification competition, with all the money going to charity. Randy is pressured to provide a celebrity to act as the judge. Rather than approach his friend, Tim Tebow, himself, Randy makes the mistake of getting his agent, Mitch, to do it for him. It does not end well.


  • David A. R. White - God’s Not Dead, God’s Not Dead 2, The Black Rider
  • Andrea Logan White - Moms’ Night out, Do You Believe?
  • Rob Schneider - Grown Ups, Click, Deuce Bigalow, The longest Yard, The Hot Girl
  • Carrot Top - The Hangover, Chairman of the Board
  • Ray Wise - The Lazarus Effect, X- Men: First Class, Rising Sun